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What We Do

Web Development
iOS & Android Development
Web & Graphic Design
Video Production

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Since our inception in 2011 we've helped companies like Clearwater Compliance, Access Counseling, Digitec Interactive, Festival Azure, Smart Payment Plan, and BookThatDoc.

About Us

Senior Full Stack Developers

Founded in 2011, Netzuri is composed of Senior Full Stack (LAMP) Developers based in Orlando, Florida. We offer custom Web Development and Design at affordable rates. Going the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction is second nature to us and we know what it takes to succeed.

Technologies We Use

LAMP stack all the way!

  • PHP, Laravel, Yii, Zend Framework, Lithium Framework
  • Python, Django, Flask, Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Node, Express, Koa, SailsJS, Go
  • Mobile Development: Java (Android Development), Objective C (iOS Development)
  • Front End Development: AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Sass/LESS
  • Database Systems: MySQL, MariaDB
  • Git, Vagrant, Composer, Codeception, PHPUnit, Digital Ocean, AWS, Linux/Ubuntu, Apache, Nginx


Clinic Squid

Clinic Squid is a Web Application that allows Health Care Providers such as Doctors or Medical Clinics to have their own customized Web Site. Providers will be able to control their content and users easily, as well as add availability schedules so Patients can schedule and manage appointments online.


Sportzuri is a League Management system, currently optimized for soccer and futsal. This sophisticated Web Application allows League Managers to add and manage leagues, teams, players and game scores. Standings, rounds and best scorer tables are automatically generated according to game scores.

Netzuri Content Management System

Because so many Content Management Systems (CMS) out there are lacking, we built our own. NetzuriCMS is intuitive and simple to use, while having a well built code base that is easy to maintain and scale.

Netzuri Blog

Valuable content is still King and a fundamental part of your SEO strategy. NetzuriBlog integrates seamlessly into NetzuriCMS, allowing you to easily add value to your site by publishing fresh content.

Netzuri Access Control List

NetzuriACL is a sophisticated Access Control List (ACL) system that integrates into NetzuriCMS and allows you to control the resources your users are allowed to access. Powerful, yet intuitive and simple to use.